Sunday, 27 April 2014

March Book Haul x April Wrap Up

Sunday, 27 April 2014
I just come to the conclusion to make a wrap up post for April today and I won't let myself procrastinate again. The urge to update this blog regularly is very big but unfortunately, no reviews/ book talks this April. I have some idea in my mind about what post to write and etc, but when I'm about to write it, I'm stuck. It felt like the words can't came out from my mind, even from my favourite place to write (My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations). I'm not finished with my current reads (will talk about this a little below) so no review to post. I actually thought about reviewing books I've read before I started this blog but I never really do it. I challenged myself to review every single book I've finished but I didn't write a review for Monument 14, my last finished book.

Ujian Sekolah for Junior High was held in April for more than a week. I'm kinda glad that when US was held, we went home way more early than usual. But when US was over, we're gonna have a math review on Monday. It's just, we're just having US man. I need to rest my brain for a while. And come along other reviews, tests, and assignments. Sigh. (Though we had pretty many free periods)

Enough for the rant. Why March Book Haul, not March-April Book Haul, as usual? well, I didn't buy any books on April while I decided to haul my March and April books one at a time, so yeah. It's pretty late but I'm gonna post it anyway;

This is my first ever Setiap Tempat Punya Cerita (STPC) series from Bukune and I'm looking forward to read this book, since I've heard good reviews about this. Bought this in Gramedia for IDR.50.000.

Bought this in Books & Beyond for IDR125.000. Pretty cover yo, and the surface of the book is just >>. Can't wait to read it!

 Received this book as a (late) birthday present from my aunt. She bought it for me (I chose the book) on for IDR112.000, including the shipping fee.

I haven't read any books above since it's freaking D-8 till national exams and I don't want my reads messed up, GReads 2014 reading challenge and I owe you guys reviews.

I'm currently reading What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith on e-book and loving it so far!

I will not put my thoughts about this book so far here because I'm saving it for the !!review!! though I'm not even halfway. Since I read it on e-book and I'm not allowed to bring my phone to school, I cannot read it at school. And sometimes I'm too lazy to read it at home.

I guess this would be my last post since the big exams are approaching (May 5th till May 8th). Wish me luck for my National Exam and see you!


  1. Good luck on your national exams! ;)

    1. thank you ci! the result will be up on June 14th and I'm pretty nervous omg.


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