Friday, 14 March 2014

Top Ten Popular Authors I've Never Read

Friday, 14 March 2014
1. Rainbow Rowell
I've heard people complementing her for making such a perfect book, especially Eleanor&Park, but I haven't read it, or any other Rainbow's works. I want to read Eleanor&Park, I wanna know how 'perfect' it is, but when I saw my friend's review about it having a 'rated x' scene, I don't think I'll read it anytime soon. I might change my mind but I don't like books like that. (No offense)

2. Lauren Oliver
I swear I almost bought Delirium from the bookstore and I ended up buying another books over and over again. This series seems to have mostly good reviews and an ex-senior of mine recommended it to me too, so I guess I should really read this series soon. And Panic.

3. James Dashner
The movie's coming out soon and I haven't read The Maze Runner. Some of my classmates have read it, and when I asked one of them "how was it?" she answered with: "the story's good, but I do not like the writing." Turns out I didn't read it till now. I'm interested with the plot (looking forward to watch the movie!) and The Eye of Minds caught my attention. I almost bought it, though.

4. Tahereh Mafi
Ignite Me is out already and I have not read Shatter Me until this very moment. I almost bought Shatter Me from the bookstore and instead I bought a Korean chick-lit (I know, I know) and since then I haven't saw Shatter Me again.

5. Cassandra Clare
Basically The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices got my interest, but the thought that I have to read 6 books for TMI make me re-consider it. Twice, or thrice, I almost bought City of Bones. Almost.
6. J.R.R Tolkien
Didn't read (and watch) LOTR & The Hobbit, yet these series are so popular yo. I once read LOTR's back synopsis from my friend's book and I'm not interested to read it. (sorry not sorry)

7. Markus Zusak
The Book Thief's quotes all over tumblr. Yet I haven't read the book. I almost pick this book from the bookstore (...again), I have a thing for history and I might love historical fiction books, but yeah.

8. Stephen Chbosky
The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a hype! Yeah I know. But I haven't read the book and also haven't watched the movie (shame on me). I want to buy the book (preferably the one with the handwriting cover or whatever you call it) but till now..well.. I almost read it on e-book but, almost is never enough..

9. Stephanie Perkins
Perkins' books titles are so nice omg and the cover!! Recently read one of my friend's review of Anna and the French Kiss and it just make me want to read her works more and more. I saw a copy (or so, I forgot) of AATFK in the bookstore and I didn't bought it!! Ahhhhh. (no probs tho I didn't bring enough money to buy it at that time)

10. Kiera Cass
The One is to be released this May, am I right? I almost bought (I felt sorry for you guys hearing me saying this over and over again) The Selection and The Elite, oh I swear, and the cover's so nice I'm not lying.

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  1. no. 7-10 samaaaaaa, aku juga pengen baca buku mereka, tapi belum kesampean, hiks

  2. Cassandra Clare, Stephen Chbosky and Tahereh Mafi are highly recommended! Cassandra's books have too many romance in it but the writing is really good.


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